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A controversial new book written by an Australian author and wellness coach says that adultery is one of the best ways to save marriages.
Patricia Maris, a lifestyle, health and nutrition expert and a wellness consultant, believes that religion (especially Christianity), through its preaching of monogamy, is widely responsible for the social and economic disruption associated with the fifty per cent of marriages that end in divorce. 
Her book, "Sex for the Third Age", a guide for older men and women to the joys and freedoms which maturity brings, has already raised the ire of religious communities in America, the UK and Australia.

"What amazes me," said Patricia, "is that churches don't seem to understand that they're the reason, so few young people are getting married in front of an altar and why so many traditional marriages end in an acrimonious divorce. For thousands of years, the clergy has been preaching that celibacy before marriage is the right thing to do and that once married, a man and a woman will only have each other as partners. As a relationship advisor, I've suggested to thousands of my older clients whose marriage was on the rocks to have an affair, a fling or a sensual encounter over the decades. Simply, to feel alive! And in the vast majority of cases, it's been the salvation of the relationship."

Patricia, a 54-year old qualified CHEK Practitioner, has practised life coaching in South America and the United States and has a vast and thriving practice in Australia, with online clients worldwide.

Her book; "Sex for the Third Age", was written to help older people understand the importance of nutrition, exercise, recreation, rest and lifestyle balances; as we grow older, this is crucial to our well-being.

 "We are an ageing population, and reports tell us that people aged 65 and older will soon outnumber children under five for the first time in human history. The two age groups will then continue to grow in the opposite direction, and by 2050 there will be more than twice as many older people as kids. That's astounding, and it means that hundreds of millions of men and women will be retired and have to be supported in their old age. We have to ensure their welfare, and divorce rates of 50% will crush so many people when they should be looking forward to peace and contentment in their old age. 

But what is the number one reason people divorce? Research has found that the most common reasons people give for their divorce are lack of commitment, too much arguing, infidelity, marrying too young, unrealistic expectations, lack of equality in the relationship and abuse. 

If one of the strains on their relationship is the lack of physical Intimacy --sex, it's absurd to remain frustrated as these cumulative emotions only lead to resentment. 

My question to you all is, if you were to bring balance back into your life, could you stay in the same relationship and try something new?  
Of course, I tell people to go out, find a willing partner, bring a third person if necessary and enjoy their bodies. A sensual massage, an erotic time with your spouse, can sound ridiculous to some, but isn't more painful the alternative? These days, it's easy to find someone on the internet! Sure, it's considered adultery, but so what? Churches will undoubtedly object, but their influence is rapidly diminishing as our society becomes more secular," she said.
Patricia's book, Sex for the Third Age, is also available from Amazon and other online bookshops.
Bringing Intimacy Back into your life has never been so easy. 


—  Sex for the Third Age