Sex for the Third Age

Introduction and Chapter #1 

Is this book for you? This is what a 20-year-old thought of it.

"No matter how old you are, if your sex life has something to be desired, you will find this book insightful.
You will meet various people as you read through the book, and the situations are very relatable and the recommendations are particularly insightful.
This is an exceptionally interesting and insightful read - not only for "people of the third age," but anyone who wants to improve the intimacy in their lives!


IQ Eroticism

Introduction and Chapter #1 

Is this book for you? This is what Connie May, MHST a Health Researcher & Director of One Generation Changes

Dear Patricia,


"The world has changed, and so has dating and intimacy. Patricia discusses the issues of modern dating & intimate relationships in a refreshingly open way. Placing modern sexual partnering strategies within historical contexts, she sheds light on the typical problems that plague most couples. Whether you're hoping to find a lover, just starting out in a relationship, in a long term relationship or have permanently sworn off dating or marriage, this book will open your eyes into WHY ...[you choose]"




Whenever you enter into a relationship with the idea that another person can make you happy and content, you have begun to fail in that relationship. When you view a relationship in this way, you become concerned with what you may or may not get back.

Finding Balance between YOU and I (or is it ME)? will help you move beyond the expectations you may have of someone having to live up to your ideal. 
This book will help you to start relieving others of the responsibility for making you happy. In this way, you can begin intimate relationships with a foundation of mutual care, not need. Once you practice the learning in this book, you'll realise that you are a full, rich and complete person.

The exercises in this book will teach you how to gain the power of your own happiness. Practical activities will help you realise that you deserve a relationship, not to make you happy, but to share the richness of who you are in totality with another.