Bring Intimacy Back
Sessions and Testimonials

Single and couples all sessions include mental, emotional and physical strategies exercises to help you bring intimacy and balance back into your life.

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Patricia Maris 

Wellness and Relationship Strategist

Bringing intimacy back into your life is the key to a successful relationship with yourself and with others  

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BIB Single 

All sessions include mental, emotional and physical strategies exercises.
Often, the lack of mental and emotional intimacy is why partners feel emotionally depleted and end up single. 
They lose interest or desire for physical connection due to fear. The fear of *whole-intimacy can turn an individual into an emotionally unavailable person and lead to an endless dance of pursuit and distancing. A game many singles learn to play well.
In these sessions, we delve deep into the root of the issue towards finding balance within.

*Whole Intimacy = Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Intimacy.

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    BIB Couples

    Wellness Activities for Couples

    Expectations are not something that brings us closer together.
    Unmet expectations often lead to a full range of negative emotions:

    • resentment

    • anger

    • fear

    • disappointment

    • jealousy

    • bitterness

    • insecurities and more. 

    Being transparent with each other without expectation having a project in common can be healthy for couples. 
    Throughout these wellness activities sessions, I aim to find and build common grounds and create a more realistic and solid foundation for any relationship.

    Yoga Practice

    Sexual Wellbeing
    The Power of Touch

    All sessions include mental, emotional and physical strategies exercises. The power of touch is profound We say so much, and yet we haven’t even modulated a word. 

    Bringing Intimacy through sensual touch is an art that seems to have been lost in this digital era.

    Some people however are born with this trait, some people learn it from others,  the truth of the matter is that the benefits of having such fortune are endless. 


    The good news is that you can own it. There is a big gap between ‘looking good’ and genuinely ‘feeling sensual’ learning how to let go of what holds you back is the key to these sessions. BIB sensual sessions are packed with great tips; they are not generic tips they are specially catered for your individual needs.

    Once you open your mind to the possibilities, your relationship will improve.

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      Zoom Sessions Available


      The sessions with Patricia have been a wondrous exploration of self-awareness, the awakening of intimacy, and the importance of touch and imagination in relationships. Patricia’s insights, expertise, experience, and patience enabled me to explore my emotional and physical blockages and capabilities regarding intimacy and sexuality.
      Thank you, Patricia, for helping me work through these issues, enabling me to grow in my personal relationships and better understand the wonder of sexual intimacy.

      BIB sessions | Peter | 60 | Accountant

      The most erotic thing I have experienced ever in my life up there with my first orgasm. I came to see Trish, concerned about the lack of human touch and what this was doing to my mind.
      After our first session, where we discussed my goals, I was excited to start on the physical aspect of self intimacy. This is very important as I do not have issues communicating my feelings. 
      I was over the top when I felt the warmth of Trish's touch. The slight pressure of her hands on my neck, the sensual energy they send to the rest of my body. It felt magical and nurturing at the same time. I have never experienced anything like that before.
      I felt throughout my entire body this powerful sensual healing energy that is so hard to explain. I wanted to touch her badly and reciprocate the suggestive electrical feeling going through my body. But she gently reminded me that this session was about me.
      Trish's touch has awakened my spirit again, and I have been so turned on differently, not just sexually, but my energy is extra. I felt like I just wanted to make love all day long. 
      I did experience two orgasms after yesterday (my second session).
      To be touched and stroked in the technique you use drives the sensation to the max. I think every person should learn that technique. 
      The blindfold for me was both exciting, but I think slightly limiting to the experience for me personally as I am a visual beast.
      Okay, enough said, or I can't walk home lol 😂 
      Thank you, Trish, for opening my eyes to a new level of intimacy.

      The Power of Touch sessions | ADRIANO | 53 | Sport Coach