Past. Present. Future.

Nought-to-Ninety-Nine, (0-99) an entire series sure to captivate your imagination, provoke and expand your boundaries and make you wonder if you have lived to the fullest of your ability.
In this series, I open up to my life experiences and how helping others helped me on the journey of personal growth and healing.
As a wellness consultant and relationship advisor, I hope to provide you with the best tools to achieve balance within yourself and with any relationship.

How SEX has changed so many lives...

In their Third Age, men and women wanted to bring intimacies into their lives that were once enjoyed in their younger years.

In my late 40's, when I'd reached an age where my daughters had moved out of home, I was still sexual, athletic, fit, and on fire. My body was demanding the touch, the intimacy, the feel of a man, and I too wanted to enjoy a man's body. But when we got down to serious business the lights were low, and our clothes were off, things went downhill quickly for me, if not for them.

Sex is physical, sensual, emotional, but mostly intellectual. Few of the men I dated ticked all four senses. And that was what I was missing. The Sex was there, but not the intimacy, not the emotions that would have made the Sex completely satisfying. I refused to settle for second best, and neither should you! 

Though kind and gentle, many of my lovers were not energetic, unable to maintain their erections, and kept finding excuses for their inability to satisfy me sexually. I think I refer to this in my book as "performance anxiety". Those who were able to maintain an erection and bring me to orgasm were not mentally attuned to what sexual stimulation was all about. There was no sensuality, no touching or fondling or talking or laughing. It was the old 'wham bang, thank you ma'am' attitude. I'm not a nymphomaniac not by any means. I have 'normal' sexual needs and desires. But after years of general sensual dissatisfaction, I began to question myself, and genuinely wonder whether or not it was me who was at fault:
Was I too intimidating? Was I off-putting?  Were my expectations too high?  Did that make me above normal?  Or only them less fit? 

I wanted to find a man with more sensual sexual prowess than me, but my quest failed as I grew older. I became introspective, and I questioned my motivations and myself, I realized that it was the men's sensual attitude in my life who were inadequate. So I set off to discover the common thread in all of the men I had dated, I took it upon myself to sign up to numerous websites and "research-date" I wanted to find out more about this unspoken issue.

I discovered that I was not alone. 
Many women confess they are happy to oblige and 'pretend they were enjoying it as much as their partners' and buried their needs and desires…

And that's why I've written my book, Sex for the Third Age. Because what I discovered was wrong amongst lovers, close friends and clients of mine was a virus well spread throughout a large percentage of Baby Boomers, and I am talking about the 75 million+ of us living on this beautiful Earth!

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Have you ever wondered how to boost the reward centres in your brain? 

It took me years to discover who was in charge. So, I wrote this book because I am convinced that the biggest sexual organ is the organ between our ears. 
Before I published this book, I sent my initial chapters to friends and clients and asked them to share them with someone they care about. 
I wanted to know whether the techniques I was writing about were TOO advanced, TOO edgy. Their answers surprised me. It was as if there was a deep, profound yearning in society for the information you'll find in my book, IQ Eroticism….
Here are some of the reviews and thoughts of people from around the world.

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