Welcome, and thank you for checking my site! I trust you will enjoy the time you spend here, my virtual home. 

I know some of the topics I write about are a tad controversial, perhaps some will make you feel a little uncomfortable, but that is why I do it. I hope you know that I dig deep into my soul and that of my clients with love and profound respect for humankind. 

I will take you on a journey of adultery versus monogamy, divorce, obesity, sex, eroticism, together we'll discover the 7 Cs in intimacy, polyamorous relationships, prostitution, prostate cancer and even ED.  Who are my clients, you might ask!  Well, people like you or your next-door neighbour who could not cope with stress anymore. 

I will also discuss the impact of sexual, mental and emotional abuse; my only wish is that you enjoy this ride with me and pick some great tools on the way. 

Living a life predetermined by our society brings more stress than living a full and meaningful one chosen by you with emotional intelligence. Drugs and prescribed medication will only keep us on the surface, and we must learn tools such as meditation to face 'stress' head-on.

Years of sexual, emotional, spiritual and mental abuse have given me the right to look deep into these issues as I unapologetically explored and live a very colourful life of my own. The outcome? Whole healing! 

So, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me and ask.  I love hearing from readers! 


Like many people, I love reading what keeps my mind observant, and self-empowerment and self-help books have been on my bedside table for a long, long time. From here you can see the books I have already published.

Books to improve Emotional Intelligence, Mental Physical Emotional Wellbeing. Emotional Intelligence
Bring Intimacy Back (BIB) Sessions

Intimacy is a contact sport for the soul.

Without Intimacy… the true meaning of self-love, healthy relationships… even friendships would not exist. That is why we’re constantly looking for it. In some cases in the wrong places or maybe for the wrong reasons. 

Without Intimacy, we feel alone and sad. We just DO NOT belong or feel connected we human beings are not designed for that.

Sessions for singles,couples and the power of touch.

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About Author, Patricia Maris

Patricia Maris has assembled an impressive 28-year career dedicated to improving her large group of clients' health, fitness, and quality of life. Her impressive list of credentials includes Certified Metabolic Typing Advisor, HLC Level III CHEK Practitioner, a Corrective Exercise Specialist, a specialist in Energy and Intuitive Therapy and Life Coach with a focus on Intimacy and Relationships. Patricia is a Wellness Strategist.            
Throughout her career, Patricia has witnessed a litany of failures and disappointments in the gym and gained a unique insight into what's going on with people's lives. She has observed that while many people commence a self-improvement program, some people persist, some find excuses, some drop off altogether, and some persist in doing what they have always done, and of course, get the same results. Unfortunately, in today's fast-paced world, the high incidence of 'out of balance lives' has a huge collective impact on society as a whole.

New Launch

Finding Balance
between YOU and I (or is it ME?)

Realeased one chapter per month packed with practical exercises to achieve
Mental Emotional and Physical Intimacy

Finding Balance between YOU and I (or is it ME) new book launch

Understanding that equilibrium in any relationship is a desire that needs nurturing from two whole individuals is the recipe for a wholesome connection.

Do you wonder about the title of this book? Finding Balance between You and I (or is it ME?) How could the author have made such a mistake in her grammar?


We all know that the correct title is "Finding the Balance between You and Me."


Every English teacher knows that their students will write the first sentence with 'you and I' because it sounds natural. It looks good sounds good, but the Balance between proper and incorrect English makes it into something which needs gentle explanation and correction.


And that's what this book is all about. It's about the balance between what looks good, feels good, seems good… and what jars with us, what society disapproves of, what leads us down a different path that won't help us feel balanced. It's the difference between a peaceful, happy, successful, long-term relationship and one in which the "I and You" or the "I and Me" doesn't work.


This book is a guide from a *sapiosensual and socially experienced Baby Boomer to give Gen Y, Millennials and Gen X a blueprint for how NOT to live their lives. Based on decades of experience with real people in real-life situations,


I'm bringing my years of personal and professional knowledge to your disposal.

This book is full of practical exercises so don't miss the intro.

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